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Кратко об этом блоге

This is a totally ad hoc blog with the sole mission of creating a free, online, HTML-ized, fully-annotated, chapter-by-chapter electronic version of Mikhail Bulgakov's classic novel The Master and Margarita.

While there are already online versions of the unabridged text both in the original Russian and in more than one English translation, this blog intends to present the full text на русском языке only, but with detailed, mouseover-viewable annotations in English, for the benefit and assistance of non-native Russian learners (like myself) who want to read this masterpiece of world literature "in the original Klingon." (© Gorkon from ST 6: The Undiscovered Country)

01 June 2010

Notes about Chapter 1

Additional discussion about Chapter 1 that is too long to include as highlighted annotations will go here.


  1. у меня есть вопрос, почему это - Как же может управлять человек и нет человека - Я не понимаю.
    Меня зовут Брижит

  2. Как же может управлять человек - how in the world a human can manage/rule (the world)
    нет человека - there is no person
    Here it is taken out of context, so it doesn't make sense.
    In Russian человек may mean both a single person and people in general. Bezdomny actually meant to say that people ruled the world, but Woland (deliberately) misunderstood that as saying that one person can rule in the absence of God. He replied that this is not possible as humans are mortal and cannot even control their own lives, they are too busy with their own little problems to care about the big picture.
    - Natalja